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Magnetic Separation Equipment

Dry Powder Separator

Dry Powder Separator
  • ApplicationIt is mainly used to clean ferrous powder, tiny iron powder, magnetic substance ceramics in the field of ceramics, mining, chemical, electricity, food, etc.


Technical Feature:

  1. Low energy consumption and non-pollution, simple to use and easy to install.

  2. High-performance rare earth magnets as magnetic source, excellent iron absorption, and more thorough to eliminate iron.

  3. Automatic without manual operation, convenient, efficient, and complete iron removal, no residual iron.

  4. Iron-removing warehouse and finished goods warehouse are completely isolated, suitable for occasions with more stringent iron-eliminating requirements.

  5. The magnetic system of grid-type arrangement, careful designed magnetic spacing, fully utilized magnetic regions, excellent iron removal effect.

  6. Simple structure, easy disassembly, customers can replace magnetic rings by themselves simply and quickly.

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