Magnetic Iron Removal Equipment
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Magnetic Iron Removal Equipment

TLYJA Wet Automatic Separator

TLYJA Wet Automatic Separator
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Technical Feature:

1.      100°C high temperature magnetic core, ≤5% demagnetization for 3 years.

2.      Serially connected fall design, applicable for processing materials in large volume.

3.      Dynamic matrix-type magnetic system for effective suction leaving no blind area.

4.      Fully considered anti-pollution device to keep all links clean.

5.      Anti-corrosive treatment for whole device to meet the requirement of bad working conditions.

Technical index and parameters:

1.      Capability of 2 to 4 sets in serial connection: 25-40t/h

2.      Minimum size of suitable particles: within 325 mesh and the magnetization rate no ≤ 30*10-6

3.      Single run removal rate with 2 to 4 sets in serial connection: >80 to 90% (correlated to flow volume, viscosity and specific susceptibility)

4.      Iron discharge entrainment: <150g/time (correlated to iron content and time-period)

5.      Adjustable iron discharge cycle: 2 to 20 minutes

6.      Time needed for single-unit iron discharge: <100s/time

7.      Magnetic field demagnetization rate: <5%/3 years

8.      Highest medium temperature: <85°C

9.      Power supply for control purpose: three-phase four-wire 380V AC/50HZ/5A

10.  Single unit power consumption: <0.4kW/h

11.  Air source: 0.15 to 0.8Mpa

12.  Water source: ordinary tap water pressure, one-inch water pipe

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