Magnetic Iron Removal Equipment
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Magnetic Iron Removal Equipment

TLDJD Semi-automatic Slurry Separator

TLDJD Semi-automatic Slurry Separator
  • ApplicationThe product is widely applicable to the iron, micro iron and magnetic substances removal of ceramics, mining, chemical, electronics, food and other industries.



1.      Low energy consumption, high gradient magnetic field, even magnetic field distribution, iron removal effect is obvious.

2.      level-H high-temperature electromagnetic wire, insulation levels increase 5-10 times higher than in the past.

3.      To facilitate removal of iron fast, thorough, no residual iron.

4.      Three models to choose to cool: water-cooled, air-cooled, self-cooling, allowing customers to choose their own environment, in order to save energy.

5.      Magnetic referral network adopts with efficient stainless steel magnetic sheets, up to a maximum magnetic field 25000GS.

6.      No residual magnetic field leave after the coil cutting off power, ease off the iron.

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