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RCDA Series Wind-Cooling Suspension Electromagnetic Separator

RCDA Series Wind-Cooling Suspension Electromagnetic Separator
  • ApplicationIt is suitable for the better environment with little dust to eliminate the waste iron and protect extraction roll, crusher, mill and so on.


RCDA series strong wind-cooling electromagnetic separator is the latest research and development of new products. The unique design of the inside of the magnetic circuit, magnetic permeability deep, super suction, suction is much larger than GB separator. Axial fan forced air cooling, air flow, so that heat fast, low temperature, trouble-free long-term protection of separator. It is widely used in power plants, harbor ports, terminals and other places of special requirement in separating iron.

Technical Feature:

1.      With the computer-simulating design, the magnetic field is forcefully.

2.      Coil oxidation, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance.

3.      Large heat releasing area, low temperature rise, good cooling performance.

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