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Magnetic Iron Removal Equipment

TLYFA Series Chute-Type Slurry Separator

TLYFA Series Chute-Type Slurry Separator
  • ApplicationTLYFA Series Chute-Type Slurry Separator is mainly applicable to eliminate the ferromagnetic impurities from liquid and slurry in the industries of ceramics, power, mining, plastic, chemical, rubber, pharmacy, food, environmental protection, pigments, dyes, electricity, metallurgy, etc. Suitable for installation in 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm conveyor to remove material from the outer size of 1mm x 1mm to 10mm x 10mm large pieces of raw iron tablets.


Technical Feature:

1.      All magnetic rods with stainless steel protective sleeve, effectively protect them from being easily damaged. 

2.      Convenient and efficient iron removal; ferromagnetic impurities absorbed on magnetic rods would be separated and fall while pulling the ring of magnetic rods.

3.      Continuous working; can continue to work without pause feeding when removing iron layer by layer.

Production Capacity: 10-80 t / h

Magnetic Field Intensity: 8000 GS, 10000GS

Specifications: 900mm x 740mm x 1100mm, and special specifications can be custom-made.

Magnets Layers: 6 layers arrangement

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