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Company dynamics

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  • [2016/10/24]Customer from Pakistan Visited usMetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

    First,made a company profile in the office located in the high-tech Zone, and then lead customer to ..

  • [2015/09/28]Different Types of Fridge Magnets

    The types of fridge magnets available today are nearly endless. Not only are there many different ki..

  • [2015/09/28]Manufacturing Methods

    Sintered - fine NdFeB powder is compacted in a die and then sintered, fusing the powder into a solid..

  • [2015/09/28]Magnetite

    Magnetite is a type of iron oxide with natural magnetic properties. In fact, it is the most magnetic..

  • [2015/09/28]Glossary

    When magnet material is pressed into a magnetic field, the magnet material is called preferentially ..

  • [2015/09/28]Flexible Magnet

    A flexible magnet is a type of magnet that is bendable and can be cut into a variety of shapes. Thes..

  • [2016/10/24]Strong knowledge of bar

    Strong magnet is mainly used to filter all kinds of fine powder and liquid, semi liquid containing i..