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Why many United States magnet suppliers or supermarket and shops are willing to purchase magnets from China?

  Neodymium magnet is the strongest permanent magnets in the world. It could used in many fields like package/electronics/toys/medical treatment etc.
  Of course, you could buy it from all over the world country, then if you need more and high quality or other special require, maybe you need find the professional manufacture from other country.
  Like China. Why? China teems with neodymium magnet raw materials, so it could meet you competitive price and special require need. Maybe you worry the others things, as high delivery fee and long time for ship. No, is not like that. Now the china manufacturers always have cooperation with many express companies, like DHL DOOR TO DOOR, is fast and safe. Compare with you buy it on ebay or other local website, it will more cheaply and good quality, you also could do magnet business with it. Many United States magnet suppliers had done it. Maybe it also suitable to you. More handling methods could find “Hemei Magnet”.
  6. How long will a permanent magnet last?
  A magnet is an object that is capable of creating a magnetic field. All magnets must have at least one North Pole, and one South Pole.
  Most people are familiar with the basic traits of magnets, and know that they attract metal objects. Specifically, magnets attract objects made from iron, nickel, and cobalt. However magnets are used in many other ways due to the fact that they are able to affect electrically charged particles and electric conductors. Because of these properties, magnets are capable of converting electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice-versa.
  Some practical uses of this capability are found in thousands of different products that rely on magnets to operate, such as loudspeakers, generators, microphones, motors, eddy current and hysteresis torque devices, magnetic resonance equipment, sensors, gauges, switches, etc.
  A permanent magnet will retain its magnetism unless it is affected by a strong outside magnetic or electrical force, or elevated temperatures. If they are not exposed to any of these conditions, permanent magnets will still lose magnetism on their own, however this degradation is very slow, on the order of one percentage point every ten years or so.

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