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Why Choose Hemei Magnet for Magnetic Materials and Assemblies?

  Hemei Magnetic has been designing and manufacturing magnetic materials, tools and devices over 10 years. Hemei Magnet focuses on quality and believe that good quality is the company’s life. Our company possesses independent R&D center and cooperates with domestic institutions and research institutions to establish a “Test Base of Special Material”.  The company has established dynamic quality management system and also has passed ISO9001 international system and 14001 certification. It has had the exciting privilege to work with several outstanding companies developing magnetic devices. The company has a good team to against difficult opposition, Because Hemei Magnet can produce quality products according to drawing or customer’s requirement. It support some very recognizable names in the manufacture of retail consumer products using magnets.
  Now Hemei Magnet has assembly-manufacturing facilities in to support the high demand for this low cost, high strength, versatile product line. The company keep hundreds of thousands of standard magnetic assembly devices in stock. They can also create custom assemblies in just about any shape or size.

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