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Strong knowledge of bar

  Strong magnet is mainly used to filter all kinds of fine powder and liquid, semi liquid containing iron impurities and other band of magnetic material, which is widely used in chemical, food, recycling, carbon black and other fields.
  Strong magnet by internal and external cladding core components, including core and cylindrical magnet and magnetic conductive iron. A good strong magnet should do the uniform distribution of magnetic induction line space, the maximum magnetic induction intensity distributions for try to fill the entire root strong magnet, because is usually placed in the mobile transmit the product line, strong magnet surface should be smooth and small resistance, does not contain substances harmful to the environment and avoid pollution materials and environment.
  Decided that it must have a certain corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and some places need to compare strong magnetic induction intensity strong magnet working environment. By using different magnetic thickness can get different magnetic induction intensity. Choose different types of magnet can decide the strong magnet, the magnetic induction intensity and heat resistance, generally to the conventional 1 inch diameter of the strong magnet do more than 12000 Gauss surface magnetic induction intensity need N40 above types of Nd-Fe-B magnet. High temperature strong magnet at temperatures above 150 degrees above the general choice of alnico. But large diameter strong magnet not choose SmCo, after all, samarium cobalt prices are very high, strong magnet price of a root diameter 50*500 reached tens of thousands of yuan.
  Proportional to the surface magnetic induction intensity of the strong magnet and can absorb the smallest particle size, in the battery, pharmaceutical and other fields of small iron impurity can also cause great impact, so to choose about 12000 Gauss strong magnet. Other areas can be used to lower a little.
  Strong magnetic rod in use are in contact with the fluid in the process of internal magnetic energy will be partially irreversible loss, loss more than initial strength 30% or bread table iron, stainless steel pipe wear bust, then need to replace strong magnet and not let strong magnet leakage magnet continued to work, magnets are generally more fragile, the surface is also coated with some oil, to the pollution of the environment is relatively large.
  See so much, if you have any questions, please contact us. Our company is a strong magnet professional production enterprises, product quality is reliable, first-class service. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company to negotiate, our company will, as always, to provide customers with quality products!

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