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Global trend of the world ndfeb magnet (neodymium magnet) industry development

  With the increase in production costs and the NdFeB magnet prices year by year, making it difficult to maintain magnet production in developed countries, the magnet manufacturers shift to China, or a joint venture in China to produce, now only in high-performance magnets in Japan areas to maintain a certain capacity.
  In China, the NdFeB magnet industry is accelerating the shift to the origin of resources China three major production base of rare earth resources and Baotou in Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi and Sichuan, in the past they are not the main source of NdFeB magnets, but in recent years, with the regional economic development and technological progress, the rare earth industry is also continuing to promote deep processing.
  In Europe only two manufacturers of sintered NdFeB, a vacuum is a smelting company in Germany, one in Finland Neorem company. June 2003, Hitachi Metals, Sumitomo Metal to buy a special payment under the Sumitomo shares, becoming the world largest NdFeB production enterprises, and in April 1, 2004 changed its name to NEOMAX, and stop the Hitachi Metals magnet production in the United States. April 1, 2007 NEMOMAX delisting in Japan, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals
  Rare earth separation and extraction industry to develop and put into the development of the production of NdFeB magnets of rare earth industry chain in the region. Manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad in order to obtain rare earth permanent magnet material security, but also the initiative to set up enterprises producing rare earth resources. NdFeB industry pattern emerging countries both transfer and macro-control of rare earth industry, have promoted competition in the industry. NdFeB production enterprises survive in the face of soaring prices of rare earth materials challenges of tension and the case for further development.
  As China extraordinary development of rare earth permanent magnet industry, making the world a rare earth permanent magnet industry remains rapid growth. In 2005, global production was 42,300 tons of sintered NdFeB, China's output of 33,000 tons, accounting for 78% of world output, maintaining a strong growth trend. Sintered NdFeB magnet marking time in Japan, is to maintain state. U.S. sintered NdFeB magnet all die after 2004.
  Bonded NdFeB magnet production worldwide average annual growth rate of 18%, basically maintained a steady growth. In 2005, while global production of bonded NdFeB magnets in 2004 decreased slightly (about 1%), China Bonded NdFeB production maintained a 11% growth. China Bonded NdFeB magnet production has more than 40% of global production, led the global industry.
  In order to protect and make rational use of rare earth mineral resources in the implementation of strong macro-control policies, the norms and order rectification of the mining, rare earth industry was completely overhauled. Since 2005, RE prices continue to rise, resulting in a rare earth neodymium and praseodymium supply. Because increased demand for rare earth permanent magnet motor, in particular, environmental green hybrid electric vehicle drive motor with high temperature sintered NdFeB sharp increase in use, to the heavy rare earth elements Tb, Dy caused some supply pressure.

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